Chamber of Commerce

The City contracts with the Chamber of Commerce for Economic Development which is financed through ¼ % Sales Tax. The City of Pawhuska established its own Ambulance Service in October of 2011, now a Trust Authority. The City Attorney, Municipal Judge, Treasurer and Zoning Administrator all serve the City under contract. Pawhuska’s fiscal year is from July 1 through June 30.
Some of Pawhuska’s revenue comes from its citizens paying their utility bills, deposits and municipal fines. Other revenue comes from Sales, Use, Motor Vehicle, Tobacco and Beverage Taxes, the Ambulance Subscription Program, the rent or lease of lake lots, airport hangers, towers or poles, use of 138kV Transmission Line and from various grants.
Pawhuska is required to abide by all state and federal laws and state mandated codes. We maintain a set of Code of Ordinances (last codified in September 2018) that clarifies those codes for our city. The City, its Trusts, Commissions and Committees are audited annually.
2019-2020 Budget – Main Operating Funds
General Fund Budget Summary
Public Works Authority Budget Summary